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Top 10 Movies of 2011 (January thru June)

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*Spoiler Alert*

     Top 10 Movies Of 2011 
    (January thru June)
    (As told through my opinion on movies I've seen.)


Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston make a great pair in
this comedy about a guy that would do anything to try and 
get the, who he thinks, is the lady of his dreams.  The
trailers for this movie did not do it justice in the comedy
department.  Definite must see for any Adam Sandler
and comedy fans.


Between Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, 
Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, and the rest of the 
star-studded cast, this movie was pretty much a must see.
Fast Five was filled with excitement, anticipation, twists,
and turns (some of which were unpredictable).  Even if
your not a car enthusiast, such as myself, try to watch.
You might just be surprised.


Most of the time sequels aren't as good as the originals.
That is why I'm still watching the original.  This is a prime
example of too much hype.  Was the movie funny?  Absolutely.
Was it as funny as the original?  Absolutely not.  I cried of
laughter, but not at as many parts as the first.  Still a really
funny movie.  I couldn't imagine anyone else in these
roles now.


This movie actually surprised me.  I thought it was going
to be a complete dud when it came out in movies.  After
watching it at home though, I had to watch it again.  I was 
expecting a low budget "why did you put this on screen"
type of movie, but it wasn't like that at all.


Went to the outdoor movies to see this.  It came on second
after Sucker Punch.  I thought this movie would put me to sleep,
but it did the opposite.  Granted this movie doesn't remind me
much of the story I was told when I was little, but the movie
was well put together.  Watch the movie you won't be
disappointed.  Try to guess who the werewolf is too.
Good luck.


This movie was much better then I ever would have 
thought it was.  A child who was raised in the woods
of Finland by her ex-CIA father makes for a compelling
storyline to me.  Don't forget that she was raised to be a
killer not a video game player.  Eric Bana was a perfect
fit to play the father.


Vince Vaughn and Kevin James in the same movie?  This
was certainly the funniest movie of the half year for me so
far.  These two have great chemistry together.  Surely I 
wouldn't mind seeing more movies involving these two.
The plot of having to contemplate telling someone
you care for very much is a compelling storyline.


How often is there a series of movies made that continue
to be great each and every film?  We're lucky enough
to have two series.  One in Harry Potter and another
in Pirates of the Caribbean.  Orlando Bloom and 
Keira Knightley were missed, but everyone involved still
pulled a great movie out of their butts.  A definite must see
for any movie fans.  Pr anyone thats ever been on the ride
in Disney.  Either one.


This movie was a big surprise to me.  It was a tailor-made role
for Matthew McConaughey.  An unbeatable defense
attorney is faced with having to defended someone that he
knows is guilty.  Check this movie out.  Your'll hopefully be
as happily surprised as I was (even after putting it off for 
a few months).


Limitless wasn't even on my radar.  Check the movies that
were playing one day, and there wasn't really any movies
that stood out to see.  So my girlfriend and I checked out the
trailer for this movie and it seemed to be good.  The trailer
didn't even show the greatest parts of the movie.  This is one
of those movies that I would have paid to see in the movies
again.  Let alone buy it when it comes out.  Paul Bradley
redefined himself as an actor to me.  No longer is he The
Hangover guy, but he is the Limitless guy.

Other movies I enjoyed:

The Mechanic, I Am Number Four, Drive Angry, Insidious,
Sucker Punch, Thor

*There are a ton of other movies that I have yet to watch, but
if you think there's a movie out there that I might like, let me know*

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